Gynaecologic surgery

Intimate surgery

Intimate surgery of the vulva and perineum   Reduction of the labia minora-Nymphoplastic reduction surgery   Labia minora hypertrophy   Patients express an esthetic discomfort and a physical one which is accentuated by the change in women’s clothes and underwear (tight jeans, leggings, g-stri [...]
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Hysterectomy - ablation of the uterus

Hysterectomy - Ablation of the uterus   Hysterectomy consists in the complete removal of the uterus. It usually includes the removal of the cervix (total hysterectomy), but the latter can sometimes be preserved (sub-total hysterectomy). Depending of each case, the removal of the fallopian tubes a [...]
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uterus surgery


Hysteroscopy   Ambulatory hysteroscopy diagnosis center Dr Jean-Philippe Estrade - Dr Brice Gurriet +33-(0)4-91-16-79-04 6, Rue Rocca-13008 Marseille-France   This exam enables to explore the uterine cavity by going through the natural tracks, meaning the vagina and the cervix. The hysterosco [...]
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Genital prolapse

Surgery of genital prolapse   Sacrocolpopexy   Sacrocolpopexy by laparoscopy enables the suspension of the vagina by attaching prostheses to the sacral promontory (known as lumbar-sacral rachis). This operation, done through small incisions in the abdomen, with video assistance, offers the same [...]
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sacrocolpopexy laparoscopic

Sexuality and surgery of the uterus

Functional and psychosexual consequences of a hysteroscopy   J-P Estrade, G. Andre, A-L Sutter and D Dallay   Complications resulting from hysteroscopy can be related to the organic modifications induced by the surgery. They usually are functional (pain and sexual problems), generally predating [...]
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sexuality surgery

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