Genital prolapse

sacrocolpopexy laparoscopic

Surgery of genital prolapse




Sacrocolpopexy by laparoscopy enables the suspension of the vagina by attaching prostheses to the sacral promontory (known as lumbar-sacral rachis). This operation, done through small incisions in the abdomen, with video assistance, offers the same results as when using the vaginal tract.

Postoperative pain is greatly reduced with a laparoscopy, and the prostheses are well tolerated since the vagina does not need to be opened.

This type of surgery enables to treat and correct, in 80% to 90 % of the time, the prolapse and therefore improve the woman’s quality of life. Nevertheless, the anomalies that generated the prolapse remain whether from deliveries, the effects of age on tissues, obesity and so forth. It is estimated that 30% of women will need to again undergo surgery due to a recurrence.



Genital prolapse


Operative technique

-Privileged method: laparoscopy

-General anesthesia

-Average duration of surgical act: 1 hour

-Duration of recovery: 2 hours


Operative assessment

-Consultation with an anesthesist and biological testing



Hospitalization at Clinique Bouchard

-Women division

-Surgeon’s daily visit

-Specific care: physiotherapy

-Average duration of hospitalization: 48 hours

-Prescription upon discharge: painkillers, bandages, anticoagulant and a nurse’s home care


Postoperative instructions

-Complete rest at home: 7 days 

-Sick leave duration: 15 days to 1 month

-Resuming sexual activity: after 1 month

-Swimming, sports: after 1 month


Medical care follow up, in case of emergency, contact

 -Doctor’s office: +33-(0)4-91-75-86-70

-Clinique Bouchard (24/7, all year): +33-(0)4-91-15-90-01




Post operative consultation

-After one month-up to 2 months

-Checking the scars, hand-over of the operative reports and results, planning of the follow up

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